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BE Aerospace
spacer Interconnect Solutions

B/E Aerospace produces interconnect assemblies from the very simple point-to-point to highly complex harnesses, including fabrication of the chassis and installation into the higher-level assemblies.

Our engineering team supports customers design activity utilizing modeling and prototyping for mechanical proof of concept.


  • Custom cable assemblies
  • Custom backshells
  • Custom connectors
  • Strain reliefs for connectors & PC boards
  • Preloaded stress relief
  • High flex constructions
  • Abrasion resistant solutions


  • High speed data cables
  • Matched impedance RF cables
  • Semi-rigid coax assemblies
  • Controlled impedance PC boards
  • Packaging of coax, power lines, fiber optics
  • Utilization of E-textile conductive fiber for signal lines


  • EMI Backshells & enclosures
  • Unique gross shield splices
  • Gross shield & textile braiding capabilities
  • Woven ground planes
  • Utilization of E-textile conductive fiber for gross shields
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